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Aren’t all pharmacies they same? The truth may surprise you!

Aren’t all pharmacies they same?  The truth may surprise you!

Ever wait in long line ups at your local big box store?  Are you told to look around in cosmetics, food, and electronics while you wait?  Big Box Pharmacies are focused on the volume of prescriptions they can fill within their operating hours.  These pharmacies are understaffed and over worked, leaving precious little time to pay attention to health outcomes of patients.  Don’t be fooled by their glossy ads.  At BigBox Pharmacy, profits trump patient care.

MedBox Rx is intentionally designed differently to provide better care.  This means a better experience for you.

Here are some of the important steps we take when caring for you MedBox Rx Pharmacy. We…

  • Speak to you and understand you first.  We focus on you and your health, not the tablets to be counted.
  • Review your complete profile including lab tests
    and hospital reports to make sure your drug therapy is safe and appropriate.  This optimizes your outcomes and prevents
    medication errors down the road.
  • We adjust medications with your doctor when
    there are interactions, contraindications or dosage issues.
  • Work with your insurance coverage to ensure your
    medications are covered and affordable
  • Invest time and resources so we can listen to
    you to identify and resolve any drug therapy problems
  • Provide education about your therapy including
    expected therapeutic effect, potential side-effects and precautions
  • Respond to your questions and concerns, even
    after hours!
  • Follow-up regularly to make sure your health
    outcomes are the best they can be
  • Ensure you never run out of your needed

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