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Did you know that millions of Canadians take medication every day?  So, each person has to stand in line at the pharmacy, sort their pills, and remember to fill their prescriptions over and over and over again.  That’s why we created MedPouch™. 

We make taking your medications simple.  We organize your meds for you so now you don’t have to waste time sorting your pills.  

Take different medications at different times of the day? No problem, we sort your medication by date and time making it easy to take your pills at the right time every day. 

How about my vitamins or specialty medications? We can add those too.  We work with all pharmacy items, including customized compounds, special injections and hard-to-find medications for rare conditions.

What about my refills?  We work with your doctors to get you your medication every month, so you never run out.

Do you hate paying for shipping?  Well then, you’ll love MedBox.  Our service is free.  You only pay for your medications and you get them delivered to your door on time, every time, guaranteed.

Will you take my insurance?  Yes, we work with all plans and work with you to ensure your medications are affordable. 

But I don’t like blister packs.  MedPouch™ is not a clunky blister pack.  It is portable and discreet.  MedPouch is an easy to tear pouch that can fits into your pocket.  And our attractive box is small and easy to transport.

What’s more, your medicines will be prepared by a robot to ensure accuracy and hygienic handling of medications.  Unlike your typical blister pack, no human hands touch your tablets with MedPouch™

Every day, people across the country are saving time and staying healthy with MedPouch™ by MedBox Rx.


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