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Unpacking the future of healthcare.

The healthcare system has gotten cumbersome. It has become a huge process full of obstacles and cookie cutter treatments. We knew there had to be a better way of doing things. We have a better way to treat the patient.

Leading with service and expertise.

Outstanding service is at the core of what we offer. From a great experience to attentive medical and support staff who are there when you need them, we know a thing or two about providing excellent customer care. We also have decades of pharmacy experience including specialty pharmacy services.

We leverage our customer service and pharmacy expertise to help the healthcare process. That’s why we set out to implement best-in-class technology that streamlines the process for everyone involved.

Living Your Best Life

The result is MedBox Rx. MedBox Rx is the telemedicine and pharmacy brand with credentialed and licensed Canadian providers that makes it easy and affordable to improve health outcomes. We understand health care and are dedicated to helping people live their best life through discreet access to professional care and personal treatment options. Our commitment to being a world-class leader in patient care means we are fully invested to helping you with your health and wellness needs. Welcome to MedBox Rx.

Our Services

Get treatment for Common Illnesses 

Need a Prescription for UTI, pain, skin condition or Stomach discomfort? Get service without the wait. Our pharmacists prescribe what you need when you need it. Get relief now by walk-in or virtual visit.  We are open late and offer 24/7 emergency care.

Discreet Packaging

Forgot if you took it or not?  MedPouch makes it easy to remember.  Portable, Easy and Attractive too! Live life better with medbox rx pharmacy. Get MedPouch only at MedBox Rx.

Peace of Mind Program

Imagine not worrying about running out of your medications.  Rest easy knowing we always have your medicine in stock. Delivered to your house on time every time.  Guaranteed.

Specialty Compounding

Need something special?  We make customized medicines that you can’t buy off the shelf.  Liquids for Kids. Special formulations for Women. Unavailable drugs. Topical pain relief. Soothing ointments for skin conditions. We stop at nothing to support you.

Flu Shots & Other Immunizations

Receiving a flu shot or Covid-19 vaccine at MedBox Rx is a simple process. No appointment is necessary. We also provide Shingles vaccines, Travel vaccines and other injections. Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help you. 

Questions for our Pharmacy Team?

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